Episode 29: George there’s something in your couch!

Episode 29: George there\’s something in your couch!

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I Am Legend Review


Will Smith


I Am Legend stars Will Smith as Robert Neville, a virologist living in New York City trying to cure the virus derived from a cure for cancer in 2009. He is the only person in New York City with the immunity to the virus, both airborne and caused by touch. Every day he goes out to hunt and look for any signs of humanity.

    First things first, this was one of thee most frustrating movies I have seen all year long. I want to like it, I really do. Ok so the first hour or so is thee most boring hour in film I have ever seen thus far. What really made me mad was the lack of a score to compliment the film. Every now and then there was a small hint of a piano playing but the movie was almost a complete silence. It’s just him doing everyday things in New York City. Going to the store to take a DVD, hunt deer, and most importantly be back by sunset before the animals come out to play. He has no interaction with anything except his dog, named Samantha. And he also talks to the store mannequins, which I don’t have a problem because you have to realize that when you spend three years by yourself with no contact you tend to go a little wacky yourself. He holds conversations with his dog as well.

    And then one day out of the blue his dog goes to chase after something and runs into a building with Smith in toe. And this is one of the huge things that just absolutely made me mad, they took entire scenes to show him, pointing a flashlight in 8 different directions. Too many of the scenes were drawn out. I understand that they were emphasizing how alone Smith really was but there was nothing to compliment that and I sort of felt cheated by that. Then after the first hour and ten minutes Smith finally encounters a human being. That’s when the thing finally starts to get interesting. She was passing through and heard Smith’s calls on the radio frequency and stopped to help him when Smith decides to take on a crap load of sub-humanoid beings and basically gets his ass kicked (basically people who have gone through de-evolution and lost all forms of human sense such as compassion, speech, instinct. It’s all disappeared, and they try feeding on Smith.)

    And the scenes that show New York city prior to the spread of the infection and Will Smith evacuating his wife and child out of NYC were actually interesting and powerful. They should have shown more scenes prior to 2012, like a look through over the years.

    I did however feel an immediate pick up in the movie when Smith started encountering those sub-humanoid beings. The action actually woke me up instantly. I was like holy crap! The scenes started to pick right up and then BAM! Back to slow and steady lose the race. Then the action would jump in and out and I really wish it wouldn’t have done that. But it didn’t do a half bad job in the second half of the film. And the ending was actually pretty good. I actually enjoyed the last half of the movie. But it was just that first hour that was so debilitating and so gut wrenchingly boring that I’m actually glad I only payed four dollars to see this movie, otherwise I may have likely been inclined to throw a chair through the projector.

    Final Verdict: Will Smith does deliver, he does, he shows what a character has gone through mass chaos and how he handles himself over the years. But the movie itself has nothing to compliment it like a strong score at all. And too many scenes are drawn out. But the last half of the movie made up for it. I Am Legend gets a gut wrenching 3.5/5.