A taste of your own medicine

My friend and I made a little video the other day. Check it out.


Episode 30: Get Smart Wall-E!

Episode 30: Get Smart Wall-E!

Review of Get Smart and Wall-E! The RIAA wants extra fees from radio broadcasters

Tanya Andersen gets $100,000 in legal fees for RIAA case that got dismissed

Woman auctions herself off along with home

Tiger Wood’s apple goes for $36,000 on Ebay, and a 7 year old goes on a joy ride in Florida

Episode 28: I cast lvl 3 infringement upon you!

Episode 28: I cast lvl 3 infringement upon you!

Judge may give Jammie Thomas new trial against the RIAA, YouTube starts The Screening Room, Netflix is killing multiple profile systems, Josh Brolin rumored to play Snake Plissken in Escape From New York remake, Woman sues over defective thong, Zak and Miri are having a hard time obtaining an R rating!

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The Incredible Hulk Review

The Incredible Hulk Review

Stars Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, William Hurt, Tim Roth

Written by Zak Penn

Directed by Louis Leterrier

Episode 26: Unicorns and the RIAA

Tech News
RIAA is hiking the cost to fight them those evil do-gooders
Two teens forced to apologize over YouTube
Naps are apparently better than coffee
Firefox 3 has a set release date for June 17th, Apple wants to develop it’s own chips

Movie News
Hef wants Downey Jr to be the Bunny man, Favreau isn’t locked in yet as director of Iron Man 2

What the Hell?
Jury plays Sudoku during Australian trial
A man decides to walk to his trial, all 30 miles of it
And Unicorns really do exist!

Episode 26 Unicorns and the RIAA!

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Episode 23: Revision3 and Duct Tape!

Ok so I apologize for not posting in awhile. Been kind of busy with everything, but here’s the latest episode.

Revision3 gets a denial of service attack, Comcast gets hacked, a lot of people aren’t ready for the digital tv switch, an idiot robs a store with a duct tape mask, thong robbers, and watch for scorpions in your watermelon!

Episode 23


Episode 19: iTunes and Crazy Yankees Fan

iTunes gets same day DVD releases, beware of the crazy Yankees fan who ran someone over with her car, Iron Man generates golden box office weekend, and more!

Episode 19