Episode 39: Voltron saves the FAA

Episode 39

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FAA experiences massive computer failures, Voltron gets a director, and why does the library lady gets on the Today show?



Episode 37:Tropical Thunder is coming!

Episode 37

Episode 37 page

Toshiba backs the…..DVD? Review of Tropic Thunder, and David Hasslehoff starts his own social network….yep.

Episode 36: Wii Surgeons take an oath!

Hospital makes surgeons play the Wii, Kevin Smith gets his R rating, and are those ants in your scanner?

Episode 36: Wii Surgeons take an oath!


Episode 29: George there’s something in your couch!

Episode 29: George there\’s something in your couch!

NBC Olympics on the web only for Vista users, Hostel 3 news, Fandango.com buys movies.com, Florida officials arrest God (sort-of), Freddy Kreuger is in your couch, Someone pulled a Waiting, and we say goodbye to George Carlin

Episode 27: Have some coffee morons!

Coffee “May” Prevent Heart Disease
People and their damn political buttons
The search for Captain America’s star
Wanted Star not a hobbit despite rumors
Teachers spin horrible tale of drunkenness
Internet Coffee Makers beware!

Enjoy people! It’s a longer episode than usual but its a goodie.

Episode 27: Have some coffee morons!