Twitter for the show

So I got a twitter account for the show at .

So I know people like that stuff so I figured I’d give it a try. Have fun



The CRP Podcast logo

The CRP Podcast Logo

Episode Number 8: Election machines and dirty thieves

Man steals a doughnut truck, Sequoia voting machines under question, Apple pairs Safari in iTunes update, Starbucks ordered to pay back tips, and Harmonix gets sued for Rockband, all here on the podcast!

Episode Number 8


Regular Release Schedule

For about two weeks I’m going to try a release schedule of Tuesday, Friday, and see how people like it. I’m getting some nice feedback so far, up to Episode 6 so far. so thank you!


Episode Number 4: Dash for Cash

Historic IBM Building burns to the ground, Stiletto heel race, Fast and The Furious 4 WTF?, and 10,000 B.C. makes money over the weekend.

Episode Number 4

Check that out and subscribe to the iTunes feed and let me know what you think.


The Coleman Ranahan Podcast

Yep got a podcast going now. It’s all geek stuff for the most part, geek news, movie news, tech news, and things that make you say what the hell? Hosted by Podshow.

The Coleman Ranahan Podcast Channel

Check that out!