I am very enthusiastic about the response of NIU to the WBC protesters. The group of facebook has grown to over 3,000 now. Fantastic. News spreads like crazy and we can know in an instant when those douchebags are protesting. I simply wonder if (that’s a big if) the WBC will ever come to their senses……hahahaha that’s laughable. Those people are fucking nuts.

 Anyway, I’ve been slouching on the reviews lately simply because I’ve had quite the fiasco / been busy lately. For some reason my father had the wonderful idea of handing my laptop over to my ISP without my consent and that was a huge hinderance. I’ve also been involved with my local radio station by interning there at WRHL 1060 A.M. and 102.3 FM. It’s been an amazing experience there. Plus I’ve been writing my reviews for my college’s newspaper the Kaleidoscope, which has also been a fantastic experience. People all around campus can now read my movie reviews as well as news articles. This for me has been a turn-around semester. So now I plan to get back to my regular publishing schedule of releasing reviews weekly, whether that be DVD reviews, new releases, or whatever the hell I feel like.

 This week my review of Jumper will not only be featured on this website but in the Kaleidoscope as well. So be sure to stay tuned for that.

 TF writer Coleman


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