Jumper Review

Jumper stars Hayden Christiansen and Jamie Bell as jumpers, people who have the ability to teleport to wherever they please. Initially the movie begins with the background of Hayden’s character, David. As a young boy, his mother left him at the age of five, and had to deal with his father on an aggravated basis. When he becomes slightly older, he attempts to woo a young girl by the name of Millie, the older version played by the beautiful Rachel Bilson. The local bully sees David handing Millie a snow globe and throws it onto the ice in the middle of winter. David bent to finish what he started walks out to the middle of the ice, successfully retrieves the globe, only to take two steps and be immediately plunged into the ice, where his first jump takes place. After realizing he has the power (insert Arnold Schwarzenegger joke here), David begins jumping into the bank and begins to build a life for himself, away from his father.

Then as luck would have it, a secret war has been going on for centuries between jumpers and a group of people bent on erasing them called Paladins. One of those paladins named Roland (played by Samuel L. Jackson) shows up at David’s lavish apartment one evening and begins to thoroughly punish David for having such powers, which by the way, eerily piggy-back off of the famous Nightcrawler from Marvel Comics and moreover recently made an appearance in X-Men 2. And what’s even more interesting is the weapon the paladins use, somewhat looking like the lightsaber of darth maul, but shoot out a harpoon that electrifies you and renders a jumper’s abilities useless. Perhaps Samuel L. Jackson was still reminiscing about Star Wars.

Once David escapes from the hands of Roland, he ventures around different parts of the world, where he meets Griffin, a fellow jumper. Griffin is thee best part, and character of the movie, sadly to say. Hayden Christiansen is completely flat in this movie, I did not feel any compassion from his character at all, and what’s worse is that half the time I confuse him with James Franco, and Franco is a much better actor, and probably would have been more suited for the movie then Christiansen. Without Jamie Bell, the movie would have been a complete flop, even with the strong support of Samuel L. Jackson playing the lead Paladin. Bell also has the best visual effects in this movies as well.

            The visuals were really interesting. They could jump in and out of traffic, even appear in the sky at one point. Bell even drags a commuter bus from England to the desert to try and stop Roland. The cool gadget of the movie was the device that could keep the jumpers worm hole open, and then jump to that location, to further pursue the jumper.

Overall, I had a lot of fun, and the concept isn’t new but this movie made me talk about it moreover with friends afterwards. I felt the movie grow on me after I saw it. They could have toned Hayden Christiansen’s acting a little and I think the movie could have been perfect but other than that don’t expect this to be a breakthough for 2008. I think we have some definitive movies on the way.



I am very enthusiastic about the response of NIU to the WBC protesters. The group of facebook has grown to over 3,000 now. Fantastic. News spreads like crazy and we can know in an instant when those douchebags are protesting. I simply wonder if (that’s a big if) the WBC will ever come to their senses……hahahaha that’s laughable. Those people are fucking nuts.

 Anyway, I’ve been slouching on the reviews lately simply because I’ve had quite the fiasco / been busy lately. For some reason my father had the wonderful idea of handing my laptop over to my ISP without my consent and that was a huge hinderance. I’ve also been involved with my local radio station by interning there at WRHL 1060 A.M. and 102.3 FM. It’s been an amazing experience there. Plus I’ve been writing my reviews for my college’s newspaper the Kaleidoscope, which has also been a fantastic experience. People all around campus can now read my movie reviews as well as news articles. This for me has been a turn-around semester. So now I plan to get back to my regular publishing schedule of releasing reviews weekly, whether that be DVD reviews, new releases, or whatever the hell I feel like.

 This week my review of Jumper will not only be featured on this website but in the Kaleidoscope as well. So be sure to stay tuned for that.

 TF writer Coleman

Stop this! Help NIU

Ok so some WBC group (the one that protests soldiers’ funerals after they are shipped back to the united states) Is planning to PROTEST THE FUNERALS OF THE STUDENTS THAT DIED YESTERDAY AT NORTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY!! Why? Because God hates fags. WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING!? They claim that “God sent the shooter”

Because it’s none of their business and the only thing we need right now is support we are rallying to protest them being here. I don’t know when exactly this is going to happen. We would like you to show up and give your support against these ass holes. This was posted on their web site yesterday:

God’s curse upou America is irreversible, because America has persecuted WEe.
Westboro Baptist Church
(WEC Chronicles – Since 1955)
3701 SW 12″ St. Topeka, Kansas 66604 785-273-0325 GodHatesFags.com
Religious Opinion and Bible Commentary on Current Events
Thursday, February 14, 2008
Thank God for the Shooter
at Northern Illinois Univ.
God sent the Shooter.
In His Wrath & Vengeance
Against an Ungrateful
Nation that has Forsaken
Him &Embraced Filthy Fags.
WBC will picket their
hypocritica’i funerals &
memorials & “vigils.”
Yes. In religious protest & warning; to wit: “Be
not deceived; God is not mocked.” Gal. 6:7.
God Hates Fags! & Fag-Enablers. Ergo, God
hates fag-dominated Northern Illinois Univ.,
fag-saturated Illinois, and fag-run America.
What part of this 12-word sentence don’t you
idiots understand? “Thou shalt not lie with
mankind, as with womankind; it is abomination.”
Lev. 18:22.

If that’s what they believe in, fine. BUT this school does not need them here. They don’t need to be torn down-That already happened yesterday. They don’t need to rub that in our faces just because that’s what they THINK.

This sickens me to no end that people will do this in a time of tragedy.

Who knows if they were gay anyway? That shouldn’t even matter. Please come and support our Huskies! Thank you! For those of you who have Facebook join the group “NIU Students Against Westboro Baptist Exploiting Our Tragedy” for news and to spread the word about stopping this!


P.S. help digg this! Help NIU!