Hitman Review


Timothy Olyphant

      Ah more and more video games movies? When will it ever end? Only the sky knows but the question is does it measure up? That’s like asking if a human can throw a potato five miles, it’s only happened once. Anyway, Timothy Olyphant plays the infamous Agent 47, raised as a child with no name and becomes an elite assassin. Agent 47 gets caught up in a tangle when he kills a politician and realizes “The Organization” set him up. In the middle of it all, he has to protect Nika Boronina (played by Olga Kurylenko) from the organization as well. Now I have to say I went into this movie with really low expectations, I did not expect Timothy Olyphant to be a great Agent 47, I pretty much expected the movie to be craptacular (which is not a word but I’ll make an exception today). And to be quite honest the movie completely suprised me in how it was. It was entertaining, the action scenes were pretty well done, and really Timothy Olyphant just downright surprised me. He fits Agent 47 pretty damn well. The movie is even sort of filled with a small gland of humor towards the end. But all the action sequences, especially the one done in the train are fantastic. There were a few boring parts but for an actual assassin movie I thought this was great. And what was actually funny, not giving anything away but in one particular scene Olyphant comes crashing through a window and the couple on the couch are playing a video game and as Olyphant runs by you can clearly see they’re playing the video game version of Hitman. I don’t think this movie will do that great however, cause it got released on a Wednesday before a holiday, so I kind of think they got that raw end of the deal. But I hope it does well because it certainly surprised me.

 Final Verdict : Hitman gets a suprsingly 4 out of 5.


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