Lions for Lambs Review

Lions for Lambs Review



Robert Redford, Tom Cruise, Meryll Streep


Ah yes, a film based on the current presidential administration. Lions for Lambs combines three stories that intertwine through out the movie and come together at the end. Robert Redford is Professor Stephen Malley who teaches Political Science at a California University. Throughout the movie Malley talks to student Todd Hayes (played by Andrew Garfield) throughout the movie about his grade and about two other of Malley’s students who enlisted into the military to go to Afghanistan. Meryl Streep is a reporter who is interviewing Tom Cruise (who plays Senator Jasper Irving) throughout the movie. This was a sort of boring movie, but it was a movie that definitely makes you think about the current problems of today’s world. And it definitely brought up something interesting to my view. First and foremost was the point of the media. That they are now simply in it for ratings now. Not to give anything away but at the end of the movie there’s a scene where Hayes who has been talking to Robert Redford throughout the entire movie is watching TV and the main story on the TV is about some dumbshit singer named Fate resembling Britney Spears and Kevin Federline as the main story on the news and on the scrolling ticker is a story about the war in Afghanistan. This is definitely something I feel is true about the media today, because it reminded me of the time when Paris Hilton was going to jail, a giant U.S. General was retiring from the war, and they spent like three hours on Paris Hilton saying the same damn thing over and over again and they broke for thirty seconds just to say the General had retired, which was an absolute huge thing. It was definitely more news worthy than Paris Hilton. Absolute idiocy. Meryl Streep was sort of a boring character until the end as well until she breaks down after interviewing Senator Jasper Irving. Throughout the entire movie she is interviewing him about a new tactic going to be used by the military to take out the Taliban in Afghanistan, an exclusive that he is giving her, and I won’t give anything away but in the end the story definitely affects both Streep and Redford’s students. All around most of the characters are boring in this movie except for Malley and Hayes. And the backstory about the soldiers, the plot is good, but they didn’t do enough for the story. I think they should’ve played it out a little more and make it more exciting and make more of a point of it. Another point they made about this movie was about the political parties, and the point that wasn’t really brought up before was the war on terror a must needed win for the GOP (Grand Old Party or Republicans for short for those of you who are not politically correct)? Not just to beat them, but to signify that the GOP meant security.


Final Verdict: Boring movie, but really good thoughts, really good brought up points came across that definitely would make you think and actually have a discussion. And the ending sort of came around and made the movie better. Lions for Lambs gets an interestingly 3 out of 5.  


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